Woohoo! After months of hard work, time, effort and determination, I went up to Birmingham on Sunday to submit my panel of twenty images to the MPA at The Photography Show. I was extremely nervous, especially as the lady before me who was also mentored by the awesome Ray Lowe, passed – I didn’t want to be the one that failed! I gave in my box of images and my working profile, and waited nervously outside the room for them to call me in.

When they eventually popped their head out of the door and called me in – I had passed!

If I wasn’t already incredibly happy, I was also told that I possibly could be the youngest ever to receive a Licentiate with the Master Photographer’s Association!

Thank you to all of the lovely people who helped me with this – Ray Lowe, my mentor, Carl & Dibbs Middleditch of Bushfire who taught me everything I know, Joanne Last at Bushfire and of course all of my supportive family and friends who have been there ever since I knew I wanted to be a photographer 🙂

Next stop – Associate?! Ahhhhhh!