What a fantastic day this was! I knew a lot of people from this wedding – it was strange because Gavin & Kayleigh booked me as their wedding photographer back in early 2015 before I opened the studio, and then about the time I opened the studio a fantastic charity was born – Evie’s Voice. I have photographed a few events for Evie’s Voice and done some fundraising of my own for them, and it wasn’t until I saw Gavin & Kayleigh at one of the events that I realised that they were connected to the charity – the star of Evie’s Voice, Evie, is Gavin’s best man’s daughter!
I knew this wedding would be a great day as Gavin & Kayleigh are absolutely made for each other. I loved Gavin’s reaction to Kayleigh walking up the aisle!
The speeches were absolutely hilarious, I loved all of the little stories. After the speeches I had the pleasure of sitting with the guests, and for dessert we had cheesecake (my favourite – cheesecake is the way to my heart), and it was definitely a good one! I loved that instead of favours, Kayleigh & Gavin decided to make a donation to Headway – a charity close to their hearts. After dinner, Kayleigh, Gavin, the Wedding Event Manager, Katie, and I went out in the golf buggies down to the gorgeous lake (which you’ll see in the pictures is absolutely stunning), Gavin had way too much fun driving the buggy (but I have to say I quite enjoyed being able to go in one!)
Kayleigh is an absolute dancing queen and you will see her dancing throughout the day (in the morning, down the aisle with Gavin, and in the evening in particular), so energetic!
In the evening they had a Photo Booth – and I have to say that was lots of fun (Evie insisted I had to have a picture with her), and I bet the album with all of Photo Booth pictures in looks hilarious…
I have quite a few highlights of the day that I loved, but to name two, I loved all the kids playing football and other games after the ceremony, and the bridesmaids lovely reaction to Kayleigh after she had got into her dress.
Thank you Gavin & Kayleigh for choosing me to be your photographer – it was an absolute pleasure and your wedding day was beautiful! Zoe x