Frequently Asked Questions

The Photoshoot

Keep your clothing simple – try and co-ordinate colours and remember, dark colours are slimming! For family portraits, we recommend wearing casual clothing – however, please try not to wear white. (White clothing on a white background = floating heads!)

Feel free to bring a change of clothes – especially if you’re coming for contemporary portraits.

We also recommend bringing along props that show us your family’s personality. If you play a sport… Bring your uniform and equipment. If you’re a musical family… Bring your instruments!

Something else we recommend is children’s dressing up outfits and toys, and also treats and toys for pets.
We allow an hour for a family studio shoot, but how long it actually takes can depend on how many people you’ve got in the session and how many outfits and props you have.

For contemporary portraits we allow two hours, but the same applies for the actual duration. This also includes time for hair and make-up.
We can’t fit more than five people in our studio, however, if you want a bigger family photograph we’re happy to do a location shoot for you.
The Master Photographer’s Association (MPA) represents the very best of the photographic community and only accepts fully professional photographers that agree to their code of conduct. They help ensure that only the highest possible quality is produced by their members. There are three different levels – Licentiate, Associate, and Fellow – which are all different levels of qualification. We currently are qualified at Licentiate level but we do hope to go for our Associate qualification soon.

In the MPA’s words: “Recognised as a benchmark of excellence across the world the Master Photographers Association have three levels of qualifications, each reflecting increasing levels of experience, expertise, and achievement.”
Of course you can! We are happy to photograph all sorts of pets as long as they can fit in the studio – and for the pets that don’t fit, we’ll happily do a location shoot.

We do recommend bringing along treats and toys for your pets to keep them entertained.
No problem! Give us a call as soon as you know that you’re unable to come. We’ll then reschedule your appointment for another time.
You’re not alone – many, many people that come into our studio are uncomfortable in front of the camera at first.

Just let us know, and we’ll make you feel as relaxed as possible – once the shoot has started, you’ll be having so much fun that you’ll forget about the camera. Remember – it’s all in your head – you will look great in your pictures 🙂
We do – but we regularly grant permission to use our images for print and for the web. Please ask for more details.

The Viewing

We usually say give us a couple of days to get them edited, but if you’re coming a long way, we will set out editing time so you can view them the same day. All we request is that you go away for an hour or two (we have lots of great restaurants and cafes nearby, not forgetting the beach!) so we can get the images looking great for you. Please ask for more details.
Of course! Just ask at your viewing and we’ll add the details onto your order form.
We have a colour calibrated projector so we can project the images nice and big for you – not forgetting our nice, cozy sofas and unlimited tea and coffee!

Our software makes it a lot easier to make your decisions, and it means you can see our products and what yours would look like in a nice big frame – all so you can make an educated decision on your investment.
Not at all – but when you see the pictures we guarantee you will want to get something, whether it’s a large designer frame for the wall or a small print for the fireplace.