Bump to 1st Birthday Bundle


Bump Photoshoot

Capture the beauty of your pregnancy journey with our enchanting bump photoshoot experience! Tailored for expectant individuals at around 30-35 weeks gestation, our 90-minute session promises to preserve this magical moment in time. Zoë will expertly guide you through various poses and employ exquisite lighting techniques, ensuring that your radiant glow takes center stage. Partners, children, and even your beloved pets are warmly invited to join in, making this a truly cherished family affair. As a keepsake, you'll receive a stunning 7"x5" mounted print to forever treasure the memory. Let us celebrate this remarkable chapter with you through artistry and joy.

Newborn Photoshoot

Embrace the joy of your newborn's arrival with our enchanting newborn photoshoot experience, designed to capture the pure essence of this special time. Our extended session, lasting up to three hours, is thoughtfully crafted to accommodate feeding, changing, and comforting breaks for your little one, ensuring their comfort is paramount.

Zoë will expertly incorporate swaddling wraps, adorable props, and charming outfits to create a collection of timeless portraits that reflect the uniqueness of your baby. We understand the significance of family bonds, which is why we wholeheartedly welcome all family members, including your beloved pets, to partake in this heartwarming occasion.

As a treasured keepsake, you'll receive a magnificent 10"x8" mounted print, perfectly capturing the essence of the shoot, along with a digital copy that you can share and cherish for years to come. This is not just a photoshoot; it's an opportunity to freeze fleeting moments in time, ensuring that your baby's first days are forever etched in your heart.

Secure this precious chapter today and allow us to help you craft memories that will endure for generations.

Baby Photoshoot

Celebrate the boundless charm of your growing baby with our delightful baby photoshoot experience. Crafted for babies aged 4 months to one year, this session is a joyful exploration of their developing personality. Lasting up to 60 minutes, the shoot is designed to keep your little one engaged and content, with ample time for breaks and changes.

Zoë will curate a captivating assortment of props to create a vibrant visual tapestry that complements your baby's unique qualities. From cuddly companions to playful setups, every detail reflects the wonder of this stage in your baby's life. The magic continues as we invite parents, siblings, and even your furry friends to join in, capturing heartwarming moments that highlight the essence of your family.

With a blend of solo shots and loving group portraits, this photoshoot encapsulates the joy, curiosity, and connections that define this remarkable period. As a cherished memento, you'll receive a high-quality 7"x5" mounted print, ensuring these memories remain close to your heart.

Secure your spot today and let us freeze time as we encapsulate the spirit of your growing baby in photographs that will warm your heart for years to come.

Get Messy! Photoshoot

Unleash the joy and creativity of your little ones with our exhilarating "Get Messy!" photoshoots. Designed for children aged 1 to 3 years, this experience offers the choice between two exciting options: a whimsical birthday cake smash or a vivacious paint splash extravaganza. Lasting up to 90 minutes, this session is a whirlwind of fun and laughter that celebrates your child's vibrant spirit.

Zoë will expertly guide your child through a series of enchanting poses, capturing their candid expressions in an array of charming props. The adventure truly unfolds with the cake smash or paint splash, where their delight takes center stage. Revel in the enchantment as they explore the textures, colors, and tastes with pure exuberance.

For children under 18 months, the journey culminates in a soothing bath and bubbles, creating precious moments that evoke the purest joy. Parents and siblings are wholeheartedly encouraged to join in on the photoshoot, creating treasured family memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

To commemorate this unique experience, you'll receive a stunning 7"x5" mounted print of an image of your choice. We provide the cake or paints, ensuring every detail is taken care of. Embrace the mess and let your child's spirit shine – book your "Get Messy!" photoshoot today for memories that are as lively and vibrant as your little ones.

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